Cardio Shield Reviews: Read Ingredients And Side Effects

You want to learn about the Cardio Shield supplement. If so, you are on the right website. This article will review and analyze everything you need to know about this supplement. But before we commence with the Cardio Shield review, we will explain the Cardio Shield supplement, in case you know about it for the first time.

What is a Cardio Shield supplement?

Cardio Shield is a supplement made with natural ingredients that help with heart issues and other alignments that can negatively affect heart health. It doesn’t cure existing heart issues but reduces your risk of getting them or their potential to worsen.

Cardio Shield Ingredients

The cardio shield comprises natural ingredients researched, tested, and proven to improve and protect heart health. These ingredients work synergistically to help you achieve excellent and fast results.

So, the big question is, “What are those ingredients used in the Cardio Shield supplement?” Below┬áis a list and detailed breakdown of all its ingredients and how they function.

Hawthorn Berry Extract

Hawthorn Berries are tiny red fruits that have been used as medicine since ancient times, especially for heart-related issues. This ingredient can help relax and dilate your blood vessels, promoting better blood flow and circulation around your body, especially your heart.

There are also claims that it contains anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial to the heart because severe inflammation can put you at a higher risk of negative heart conditions. Finally, it helps to improve your heart functionality and muscles.

Olive Leaf Extract

This is an ingredient extracted from the olive tree. It has many health benefits, but we will focus on its heart-related benefits. The olive leaf extract helps the heart by lowering blood pressure and reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the body. These conditions, if not checked, can lead to heart disease.

Then, there is the fact that it helps manage blood sugar levels or diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that, if it isn’t checked on time, could affect your blood pressure level and indirectly lead to negative heart issues.


Garlic has numerous benefits for the heart. It helps in reducing harmful cholesterol levels in your system, lowering blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessels (which improves blood flow), and has blood thinning properties (which have proven to help reduce your risk of blood clots)

Finally, Garlic contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants help battle free radicals that can damage your cells and put you at risk of heart disease, while Anti-Inflammatory properties help combat inflammation, which can cause heart disease.

Green Tea Extract

This is an Ingredient very rich in antioxidant properties called polyphenols. It offers a wide range of benefits, such as improving heart health, skin, brain, and even cancer prevention. But what we will focus on is its benefit to the heart. Regarding the heart, it helps reduce bad cholesterol, improves blood vessels, and regulates blood pressure, which helps to minimize the risk of heart issues.

Also, it has weight management benefits, which can help to keep heart health in good condition, as less weight equals less risk of blood pressure and heart issues.

Coenzyme Q10

This substance is found in your vital organs, such as Heart, Liver, Pancreas, and kidneys. Like most ingredients in the Cardio Shield Supplement, it also serves as an antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals that can affect your heart. Also, suppose you already suffer from heart failure. In that case, this substance can help relieve some of its symptoms and enable you to manage your blood sugar level, which can Indirectly reduce your risk of high blood pressure and heart issues.

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Cardio Shield Dosage and Recommendations

There is limited information regarding the daily dosage of this supplement. However, based on the little information we have gathered, you are expected to take two capsules of the supplement daily, and you should not exceed that within a 24-hour timeframe. Also, it would be best if you ate before taking it.

However, it is highly recommended that you read the label and seek a cardiologist’s advice before taking the supplement because you always have to be careful with supplements that are linked to your vital organs.

Note: According to the information on their official website, you are expected to take the supplement for 60 to 90 days before you can start to see optimal results. But you can extend it to 180 days because the longer you take it, the better the result.

Benefits of Cardio Shield Supplement

Although we have previously given hints on some of the benefits of taking the Cardio Shield supplement, we are going to dedicate this section to listing its benefits and giving a detailed breakdown for better understanding.

Helps to Regulate Blood Pressure

Cardio Shield helps to reduce your risk of hypertension, and if you already have it, the supplement will help you regulate it. This helps reduce your risk of heart issues because high blood pressure increases your possibility of heart failure or disease.

Enhanced Blood Flow

Ingredients such as Garlic, Coenzyme Q10, and Hawthorn Berry extract help promote better blood circulation around the body. This not only reduces your risk of heart issues but also ensures that every part of the body receives the optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients it needs to function effectively.

Strengthen and Support the Heart Health

The supplement strengthens the heart muscles and protects them from external forces that can damage vessels and cells.

Serves as an Anti-Inflammation

Ingredients like olive leaf extract, Hawthorn Berry extract, and Garlic have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help fight inflammation and reduce the risk of heart issues.

Serves as an Antioxidant supplement

Some of its ingredients are antioxidants. Which means they can help to protect your cells from damage.

Helps to regulate blood sugar

This supplement contains ingredients that can help reduce your risk of diabetes. If you already have diabetes, it can help you regulate and keep it at a healthy level. This will also positively affect the heart because diabetes increases your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Does Cardio Shield have adverse effects?

Yes, almost all supplements or medications have negative effects, especially if they are not taken correctly. Based on our research, below is a list of potential adverse effects you can experience from using Cardio Shield.

Individual Allergies or Sensitivity

Cardio Shield is composed of different ingredients. Some ingredients are not disclosed to the world (though the supplement is deemed safe by experts). Hence, there is a high possibility that some people might react or be allergic to some of the ingredients. So, if you experience this, you should stop using it and meet your doctor.

Kidney or Liver issues

Just like drugs, Abusing or unintentionally using the supplement the wrong way can cause health complications such as damaging the kidney or liver. So, even though we have given the recommended dosage, you must consult a doctor before using it.


The supplement is a bit expensive compared to other heart supplements, especially for people in third-world countries.

Where to buy the Cardio Shield Supplement?

Suppose you are wondering where to buy the Cardio Shield supplement. Well, there is their official website and a few third-party retailers that sell the supplement on the internet. Although some of them might be legit, you still can’t tell who the fake is, so the best and only place we recommend buying the supplement is on their official website. This will save you the stress of verifying whether it is original.

The Cardio Shield Supplement Pricing and Perks

Following the information on their official website, below is a breakdown of each Cardio Shield package’s current pricing and perks.

Single Bottle (30 Days’ Supply)

  • Price: $59/Bottle

3 Bottles Package (90 days’ supply)

  • Price: $147 (at a discount price of $49 per bottle)
  • Perks: Free shipping.

6 Bottles Package (180 days’ supply)

  • Price: $234 (at a discount price of $39 per bottle)
  • Perks: Free shipping.

Tip: If this is the first time you are buying or using the supplement, you should purchase the Single-Bottle Package. Otherwise, go for the multipackage because it is more economical.

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