Pineal XT Reviews – Does It Work? Read My Experience

In this article, we will analyze and give a detailed review of Pineal XT, its ingredients, how it works, its benefits, and its opposing sides. But before diving into the Pineal XT review, we will explain it in a way you can easily understand.

What is Pineal XT?

A small gland in your brain is linked to cognitive functions such as enhanced mental clarity and sleep regulation. It is known as the Pineal Gland, and any negative effect on it from external factors such as toxic chemicals can lead to issues such as lower IQ and more. Therefore, Pineal XT is a supplement that can enhance the functions of your pineal Glands.

Pineal XT Ingredients

Pineal XT is made of unique ingredients that have been researched, tested, and purified in the right ways and channels. Below is a list of its ingredients and how they work.


This ingredient helps promote sound brain growth, especially among infants and children. It regulates thyroid hormones, which help with several brain functions such as memory, mood, and learning capacity. Iodine deficiency in children is linked with low IQs and Intellectual issues in general.

Amla Extract

This ingredient is extracted from the Alma fruits and is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that can help fight free radicals, which cause cognitive issues by damaging brain cells. Research has proved that it can also protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, aside from its function in protecting the brain. It also has other benefits, such as improving memory function and IQ.

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom is one of the supplement’s ingredients because our little research has pointed out its several benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory properties, richness in antioxidants, and potential to protect brain cells.

Schisandra Powder

The Schisandra Powder works like other ingredients in the supplement. Though it can have different functions, we will focus on its benefit to the brain.

This ingredient can help improve your cogitativeness. Research has proven that it can help you improve your ability to focus, adapt to stress, and control your anxiety, which in turn promotes mental clarity. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Turmeric is an ingredient that has many benefits for overall health. Although we can’t make bold claims about its benefit to the Penial Glands, we can mention other excellent benefits, such as improving cognitive function, reducing inflammation, reducing your risk of heart issues, and helping to relieve joint pain or other arthritis symptoms.

Chlorella Powder

These ingredients help to improve sleep and regulate hormone production in the body, which is linked with a healthy pineal gland. In addition to its benefits for the pineal gland, the supplement helps boost the immune system with minimal effort, eliminates toxins from the body, and lowers your risk of high blood pressure by eliminating bad cholesterol.

Burdock Powder

These ingredients have many benefits, but their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are the most popular among them. These properties help protect you from several alignments and even protect your Pineal Glands.

What are the Benefits of Pineal XT?

The Benefits of Pineal XT are numerous. If you have read this article religiously, you can highlight some of its benefits, especially in the ingredients section. For better understanding, we have pinpointed its benefits and listed them below with detailed explanations.

It Improves your Pineal Gland Health

This is the primary purpose and benefit of this supplement. It helps to maintain, improve, and enhance the overall health or function of your Pineal Glands.

It Improves Sleep Quality

 Some of the supplement’s ingredients have proven to be effective in helping to improve your sleep health. However, if you suffer from sleep issues, you are not advised to take the supplement as a remedy. Instead, it would be best to meet your doctor first for advice.

It Improves your Mood

It has been documented that the supplement helps improve one’s mood, increase focus, make one feel at peace, and increase one’s mental clarity. All these are said to result from balanced and healthy Pineal Glands.

Spiritual Awareness

However, there is no scientific evidence to back these claims. Some claim this supplement helps improve your universal awareness and Psychic Abilities. According to claims from online sources, one of the ways this is achieved is by breaking down calcium that builds up around the Pineal Glands.

Does Pineal XT have any disadvantages?

Of course, Pineal XT has its disadvantages, and below is a well-explained list of some of the disadvantages you might encounter with the supplement.

Limited Availability

The supplement can only be purchased on their official website; this can be a good policy because it reduces your risk of buying a fake product from third-party vendors. But if you are the type that loves to buy from third-party vendors or you are a vendor yourself, you will be disappointed by this. Also, there are claims that it is unavailable in every region. You can research that to see if you can purchase it from where you are based.


The supplement is considered expansive when compared to other similar supplements. Therefore, this can be a problem for you if you are poor, a lower middle class, or from a country with low purchasing power.

Varying Results

For example, when using other supplements, you might notice situations where some people experience faster or slower results than you. If you are experiencing slower results than the time frame the supplement manufacturers claim, it might discourage you.  

Pineal XT Dosage and Recommendations

According to our information, you are expected to take two capsules of the supplement daily. Depending on your preference, you can take the two capsules at once or one in the morning and the other in the evening. But even with this recommendation, it is strictly advised to visit your doctor before taking the supplement so they can examine the situation and tell you what to do.

Where can the supplement be purchased?

We have mentioned in this article that the availability of this supplement is limited. This means it can only be gotten from their official website; hence, if you encounter any third-party vendor selling it online or offline. We advise you not to buy it because you are putting yourself at risk of purchasing an expired or fake product.

Also, feel free to buy on their official website. Their website offers juicy offers and perks, so it is worth purchasing it there.

Below is a breakdown of the supplement’s pricing and perks.

The Pineal XT Supplement Pricing and Perks

After much research, we found this supplement’s current pricing and perks on its official page. Therefore, below is an easy-to-understand breakdown of each package’s current prices and perks (as of when this content was written).

Single Bottle (30 Days’/ 1 Month Supply)

  • Price: $79 now $69/Bottle

3 Bottles Package (90 days or 3 Months’ supply)

  • Price: $237 now $177 (at a discount price of $59 per bottle)
  • Perks: Free shipping and Two eBooks

6 Bottles Package (180 days’ supply)

  • Price: $474 now $294 (at a discount price of $49 per bottle)
  • Perks: Free shipping of Two eBooks

Note: If this is your first time buying or attempting to use this supplement, we advise you to order the single-bottle package for testing. But if you have used the supplement before and want more, we recommend the multiple-bottle package because the higher the number of bottles, the more discounts and perks you receive.


We are confident you have learned much about the Pineal XT supplement in this review and hope you can use it to your advantage. We also have hundreds of review articles you can check out. So, if there is any supplement you want to learn more about, you can come to our website and get a detailed, non-biased review.

Finally, we want to remind you that whatever you do, you should seek your doctor’s advice first. Especially if you already have a health issue, are under medication, are harboring pregnancy, or are breastfeeding.


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